These all-natural products have proven effective at treating pet illness, either mental or physical, and for chemical-free cleaning and disinfecting of pet cages and bedding. Useful for cleaning rodent and reptile cages without toxins. Spray on dog bedding to calm a hyperactive dog or to help soothe his upset stomach. CANNOT be used on or near fish, amphibians (frogs & salamanders), or hedgehogs.


The water-based sprays are blends of essential oils useful for cleaning tanks and cages, to safely sanitize for pets. For dogs and rodents, spray bedding and sanitize cages and bowls. Not for use with cats, fish, amphibians, or hedgehogs.

Calming Spray

Jasmine, Lavender, and Sweet Orange calm any scared or hyper pet safely. Fireworks got them jumpy? Spray on their bedding and fur to calm them down quickly. This is SAFE to use on cats.

Citrus Spray

Lemon and orange essential oils to repel fleas and tics. These oils are from fruit rinds so they are safe to use on cat bedding as well.

Sanitizing Spray

Lavender, sweet orange, and tea tree essential oils. Clean tanks and cages and safely sanitize food dishes and water bottles.

Geranium Spray

(Pelargonium graveolens) Rose Geranium essential oil is safe for dogs as a tick and flea repellent. Spray on collar or coat when going outside to help repel insects.

Lavender Spray

(Lavendula angustifolia) Lavender Essential Oil. Great for hyper or anxious dogs. Spray on bedding or coat to calm and soothe.Not safe for cats.


These dried herbs and infused oil products can be added to foods, used in pet baths, or for cleaning ears and moisturizing dry spots on skin. Safe for all mammals, not recommended for reptiles, amphibians, or fish tanks.

Chamomile Flowers

Great for cats, dogs, and rodents. 1 tbsp Chamomile flowers steeped in 1 cup hot water for 5-10 minutes and spray bedding to calm or wash ears or eyes when irritated or oozing.

Catnip leaf

Of course cats love catnip. Sprinkle in their bedding or fill a sachet.

Lavender flower

Have a hyperactive or anxious dog? Sprinkle on bedding or make a tea to mix in drinking water.

Chamomile Infused Oil

Chamomile flower infused sunflower & grapeseed oils. Great for cats, dogs, and rodents. Use oil to clean ears and soothe irritated feet and dry skin.

Mineral Milk

Epsom salt with powdered oatmeal and buttermilk. Does your aging dog have sore joints and dry skin? Give them a warm bath with a couple tablespoons of this for a soothing and healing bath. Safe for cats, dogs, and rodents.

Cat tea

Blend of dried Blessed Thistle, Burdock root, Red Clover flower and herb, Orange peel, and Catnip leaf. 1 tbsp to 1 cup hot water, steep for 15 minutes. Perfect for ill or ailing cats, Boosts their immune system and helps them fight disease. Add to drinking water or wet food.