SET 1: Therapeutic Lotion

Mother Gaia creates an essential oil blend just for you and mixes it in her all-natural, beeswax based lotion for you to use as a daily moisturizer while gaining the health benefits of the essential oils. An all-natural daily regimen without any harmful chemicals like artificial fragrances, petroleum, preservatives, and colors. Complete plant nutrients, so simple, yet so effective!

SET 2: 3 Products

With this Care Pack you'll receive your personalized beeswax-based lotion plus:

Aroma Spray: A naturally scented water based spray that will provide mental and physical benefits blended just For you.

Herbal Tea: A special blend of tea of herbs and/or flowers that will nourish you, both mentally and physically.

SET 3: 6 Products

Along with the products in set 2 you will also receive these personalized products:

Mineral Milk Bath: Soak in a bath to remove toxins, heal skin, soothe mind & body.

Honey Lip Balm: Moisturize and smooth lips, prevent cold sores, and helps heal.

Skin Cleanser: Removes bacteria, clears pores, tightens skin, removes discoloration.

SET 4: 9 Products

On top of the products in set 3 you will also receive these personalized products:

Herbal Glycerite: Herbal supplement to help heal the body by nourishing the body.

Clay Mudd Mask: Removes toxins, kills bacteria, clears pores, and nourishes skin.

Tooth Powder: Gently scrubs and whitens teeth naturally, while absorbing toxins and killing bacteria, nourishes the gums and reverses gingivitis.

SET 5: 12 Products

In addition to set 4 you will also receive these healing products:

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash: Chemical & alcohol free, antibacterial & antiseptic, freshens breath.

Naturally Scented Body/Bath Oil: A tablespoon or two in the bath and soak, deep moisturizing, healing.

Warming Pain Relief Lotion: An incredibly pain relieving and healing blend of herbal infused oils and essential oils.


Print these forms and fill them out honestly. Send them to Mother Gaia by email or text. Mother Gaia will use the confidential health information to design your personal care pack just for you. care(at) or 720-460-9387

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