Give a set or get a set. These are a great way to try out a few different products or to make somebody's special day an aromatic one.

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Best Of

Sweet Lips, Hand Sanitizer, Sanitizing Spray, Mudd Mask, Mineral Milk Bath

Birthday Boy

Sweet Lips, Black Pepper Spray, Pine Needle Body Oil, Juniper Berry Lotion, Hand Sanitizer

Birthday Girl

Sweet Lips, Rose Spray, Jasmine Body Oil, Women’s Rescue lotion, Women’s Rescue Tea


Hand Sanitizer, Sanitizing Spray, Orange Cleaner, Mouthwash, Clear Skin wash

Cold & Flu

Decongestant Drops, Cough Relief Drops, Cold & Flu tea, Hand Sanitizer, Eucalyptus Oil

Cooling Mint

Cooling Lotion, Cooling Spray, Cooling Face Wash, Cooling Mineral Milk, Peppermint Lips

Deep Woods

Juniper Lotion, Pine Spray, Spruce Face Wash, Cypress Mineral Milk, Cinnamon lips


Chocolate lips, Bliss-Full Spray, Euphoria Mineral Milk, Women’s Rescue lotion, Women’s Rescue Tea

First Aid

First Aid oil, Lavender Hand Sanitizer, Calendula Mineral Milk, Sanitizing Spray, Calendula Oil

Fresh Citrus

Sweet Orange Lotion, Tangerine Spray, Bergamot Face Wash, Tangerine Mineral Milk, Sweet Orange Lips

Green Herbs

Rosemary Lotion, Red Thyme Spray, Basil Face Wash, Sage Mineral Milk, Basil Lips

Holiday Sprays

Bunny’s Delight, Luck of the Irish, Summer Sun, Thanksgiving Feast, and Christmas Memories


Lavender Lips, Lavender Spray, Relax & Breathe lotion, Lavender Mineral Milk, Lavender Body Oil

Simply Unscented

Sweet Lips, Super Moisture, Simply Moisturizing, Unscented Mineral Milk, Unscented Oil

Summer Flowers

Rose Lotion, Lavender Spray, Geranium Face Wash, Ylang Ylang Mineral Milk, Jasmine Lips


5 bottles or tubs of any left-overs from previous production runs

Warm Spice

Black Pepper Lotion, Clove Bud Spray, Black Pepper Face Wash, Calendula Mineral Milk, Cinnamon Lips