Hand-Made Fresh to Order by Jennifer Lawson, aka ‘Mother Gaia’

Hand blended In Arvada, CO with only the purest ingredients from local and American owned companies. There are no chemical extracts or preservatives here! Mother Gaia knows where all of her pure, unprocessed ingredients come from.

Thanks to PlantTherapy.com and their high quality essential oils, every product made by Mother Gaia is effectively nourishing and healing.

Thanks to ZNaturalFoods.com and their dried organic foods, especially the dried organic coconut milk.

Thanks to BulkApothecary.com and their carefully selected organic oils and bases sold in bulk, every oil and lotion is made with quality ingredients at a great price.

Thanks to MountainRoseHerbs.com & MonterreySpiceCo. and their carefully grown and collected herbs, flowers, barks, seeds and roots, every remedy made by Mother Gaia is naturally Earth conscious.

Do you know what is in your commercial lotions, body oils, perfumes, face cleansers, mud masks, salt baths, herbal teas, supplements, or over-the-counter drugs? Do you know where they were made? Did you say 'NO'? Mother Gaia can help you get rid of all those chemicals and help you heal from the inside out, simply by nourishing your body naturally.

Mother Gaia does offer wholesale prices to business owners who want to benefit from selling her products. Please see the wholesale page for more information.

Domestic US shipping is included in every price. Return unused products for a full refund.


All Natural Ingredients Used by Mother Gaia

Oils Used by Mother Gaia

Essential Oils Used by Mother Gaia


Fed up with chemical remedies that only make you feel worse? Had enough of over the counter side effects? Worried these toxins may be hurting your body? Tired of the drain on your wallet?

Don't worry Mother Gaia has the answer! With your Personalized Care Pack you can feel better in no time! Simply fill out the basic questionnaires and choose from the different packages made just for you!

Mother Gaia reviews your personal health information, expertly blends your products fresh to order according to your needs and preferences, and sends them right to your door!

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